Moving Up!!

February 8, 2017

By Tab Byrum

Many of you will be too young to remember this and some of you will remember it and smile, remember on the Brady Bunch when Greg Brady moved out of the room he shared with his two little brothers and turned the attic into his own room? I wanted to do that so bad, I’m not sure why, I’m an only child and always had my own room, I think it was just the idea of living in the very top of your house and having a large space to make all yours. As you know I love the idea of converting buildings or spaces meant for one purpose into a space to live in, we’ve looked at old schools converted to homes and barns and today we are going to look at Attic Conversions. We never lived in a house with an attic really tall enough to do anything with but there’s just something fun and romantic about the whole notion, so join me today as we move up to the attic and see what can be done over our heads. Enjoy!!! (above image via)

I love this idea of installing big windows in the roof and bringing lots of light into the attic room you create. (via)

Attics are a great space for something like this bunkhouse idea since attics usually run the length of the house without any walls up there. (via)

The roofline can cause you to end up with shorter walls in an attic room than you are used to, just embrace them like this room and create storage of some kind. (via)

This would be my ideal attic room, soaring ceilings with beams and wide open space. I don’t think I would ever leave. (via)

This view allows you to see all the angles in this attic, I like how the ceiling was created using bead board and also how they tied the ceiling and floor together with the wood floor and beam having the same stain color. (via)

Wonderful idea for an attic bathroom, follow the line of the roof and accentuate it with tile. Very cool!!! (via)

A simple and lovely attic room. (via)

A client of mine did this a few years ago with the unused space over the garage, it’s now a cool media room to watch TV and movies. (via)

Yes Please!!! (via)

Have you ever converted an attic space or wanted to, let me know how it went. Have a great day!!!!

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