Roses, Roses Everywhere

February 13, 2017

By Tab Byrum

Tomorrow is Valentines Day and I’m busy today working on flowers and gifts clients have ordered for their wives and kids. One item that is always popular for Valentines is roses, the flower that seems to be associated with the holiday of love more than anything else, so I thought today we would take a look at roses used in decorating and home decor. I love roses, I love their scent, all the colors and their look made up of layer upon layer of petals. There are so many different kinds of roses, from the always beautiful garden rose, tea roses, wild roses and the manicured fresh cut rose we are all used to seeing in fresh bouquets. Join me today for a look at roses out of a vase of water and I’ll see you tomorrow for Valentines. Enjoy!!! (above image via)

Roses are very popular on rugs, whether they’re the more casual look of the hooked rug above or a more formal wool and silk Aubusson rug. (via)

I love climbing roses and hope to have some in the backyard someday, there’s just something about roses climbing up the side of a building. (via)

Roses have long been the subject of wallpaper, here you can see they don’t always have to be pink or red but black and white works also. (via)

A quick and easy way to decorate with roses using random bottles, jars, and vases. You can create this using roses you pick up at the grocery store or florist. (via)

Roses have also long been the subject of artwork, here a small painting of roses is framed in a beautiful shabby chic frame. (via)

Another rose wallpaper, this one is a more contemporary look with large scale flowers filling in space. Love the detail of the petals and leaves. (via)

I think this is a great idea, especially for decorating a table for a luncheon or shower, fill teacups with roses in your color of choice. You get to enjoy your china and beautiful flowers. (via)

Another beautiful piece of art featuring roses. (via)

Roses make a beautiful backdrop for this young ladies bed. (via)

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