LA Dinner & Dessert: Hotel Bel Air & Polo Lounge-Beverly Hills Hotel

March 15, 2017

By Tab Byrum

The last time I went to LA it was on a trip with friends and we stayed at the Hotel Bel Air, while we were there we had dinner one night and breakfast every morning at the Wolfgang Puck restaurant located in the hotel’s courtyard. I wanted Michael to see this beautiful place and experience the wonderful food and atmosphere so I made reservations for us at Wolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel Air for 6 o’clock. (above image via)

On that same friend’s trip, we had discovered the chocolate soufflé at The Beverly Hills Hotel for dessert that makes the perfect ending to nights in Los Angeles, so I made reservations for the two of us at the Polo Lounge in the Beverly Hills Hotel at 9 for dessert. If you are ever in Los Angeles and have time to kill or want a great meal in a beautiful place then you can’t go wrong at either of these hotels and their restaurants. (above image via)

Wolfgang Puck’s Hotel Bel Air restaurant is outside but is covered by a wonderful canopy with lots of greenery and flowers galore. (via

The Hotel Bel Air was originally constructed in 1922, it’s meant to resemble an oasis. The hotel was closed in 2009 and underwent a major 2-year renovation with the result being a wonderful California dream of a boutique hotel. Michael and I both ended up having the “Butcher’s Butter” for our entree at WP’s restaurant, it was literally a piece of rib eye steak that melted in your mouth, thus the name. We shared sides of amazing mashed potatoes and spinach and the steaks were served with a reduction sauce that beat gravy all the way to next Tuesday. After we finished dinner, we walked around the grounds of the Hotel Bel Air then drove down to the Beverly Hills Hotel.

This is the patio area of the Polo Lounge, it’s truly like walking into another time. (via

the Beverly Hills Hotel was originally built in 1912 and has a wonderful early 20th Century feel to it, while the decor is very 21st Century the hotel retains its historical charm. We arrived a little early and hung out in the lobby for about 15 minutes people watching then were escorted to a beautiful booth table along the perimeter of the patio area, we ordered soufflés, and our waiter told us a second soufflé had been added to the menu, Chocolate/Peanut Butter, of course he had me at Peanut Butter.

This is one of the booths we sat in, simple and elegant. (via)

The legendary chocolate soufflé with Cremè Anglaise and Whipped Cream. (via)

Michael ordered the traditional chocolate and I ordered the new hybrid Reeses inspired dessert and let’s just say there was no disappointment at our table. We each also had a glass of Port wine, sat back and soaked in the beautiful atmosphere and food. The soufflés and Cremè Anglaise sauce were amazing, a wonderful way to end a wonderful evening in LA. 

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