Los Angeles 2017: Touring Paramount And Universal

March 13, 2017

By Tab Byrum

One thing you may have picked up about me from the blog is how much I love the movies, I always have. Michael and I go to the movies quite a bit here in Oklahoma City to see all the new releases, but one of the things I truly love are old movies, so whenever the opportunity arises to get a behind the scenes look at where the movies are made and how they’re made I embrace it. Before when we’ve been to LA we’ve toured the Warner Brothers studio so on this recent trip I decided to book a guided tour of Paramount Studios and of course, Universal Studios is very popular, especially with the amusement park attached to it so we did that tour as well. We had a great time on both of these tours, the Paramount tour was more intimate as there were only 6 tourists and our guide and we were escorted around the Paramount lot on a golf cart. The Universal tour was fun but less intimate with 60 to 75 people on a big tram touring the Universal Studios lot seeing where the magic happens. I wanted to share some pics of our two days and two tours with you today and encourage you to do these tours when you have a chance, the only one we haven’t done is the MGM/Sony tour, but it’s on the list. Enjoy!!!

Universal Studios Hollywood

The Harry Potter exhibit just recently opened at Universal Studios Hollywood and that was first on our list when we arrived. The village of Hogsmeade is all set with snow covered roofs. In the background, you can see the towers of Hogwarts rising up, with my other half and his coffee in the foreground. 

You can walk back to Hogwarts and enter the castle where you’ll find yourself in line for a really cool ride. As you make your way through the castle you go through different chambers that you’ve seen in the movies. The ride combines a roller coaster, 3-D technology and special effects for a fast and furious ride on a Hippogriff for a fast paced tour of the castle and grounds. 

Of course, there’s always refreshments available around every corner. 

If you need to satisfy your sweet tooth then stop in at Honey Dukes for whatever candy you can imagine. 

We love the Walking Dead TV show at our house so we had to take in the Walking Dead experience. Yikes!!!

I was able to snap this pic before entering the Walking Dead, it’s all set up like a hospital after the Zombie apocalypse. 

The Universal Studios back lot is part of the guided tour. 

There are several cars on display used in Universal movies, here we have Fred’s car from the Flintstones. 

Norman Bates loading something or someone into his trunk. Mother is that you??????

Beautiful flowers all over the Universal park and lot. 

Paramount Studios

Paramount is one of the older studios in Hollywood, they’ve been making movies since 1912. They’re known for such films as Sunset Boulevard, Wings, Funny Face, The Blob, and most recently Florence Foster Jenkins and Office Christmas Party. 

If a studio’s picture wins Best Film then the Oscar goes back to the studio, here’s the 1997 Oscar for Titanic. 

Of course, costumes are a crucial part of films and here we have 7 from well-known films including Selma and Zoolander. 

One of the dresses from Titanic…

…and a Morticia Addams gown from The Addams Family. 

We’re big Star Trek lovers at our house and Paramount is still home to the Star Trek franchise. Here are a few of the “gadgets” from Star Trek on display in the waiting area. 

The iconic moment from Sunset Boulevard when Norma Desmond returns to Paramount Pictures to talk to Cecile B. DeMille about “getting her picture made.”

This was a chalkboard showing what TV shows are currently shooting on the Paramount lot and on what stage. 

This is Lucille Ball Park which is named after the famous TV and film actress, she had this park created to mimic her home’s backyard so she could take photos here with her children, people didn’t like the thought of her taking her kids to work with here so she “fooled” them into thinking this was her back yard. 

The onetime office and dressing room for Lucille Ball. 

The backlot at Paramount where street scenes have been shot for many films and filled in for cities all over the world. 

Bumblebee from the Transformer movies. 

The iconic gate of Paramount Pictures, located on Melrose Avenue. 

If you ever go to LA check out any of the tours of the movie studios, it’s really fun to see how the magic happens and stand in the same spots as so many actors have over the years. Check back tomorrow as we head up into the Hollywood Hills. 

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Images are my own.

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