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March 22, 2017

By Tab Byrum

I love TV, I have always loved TV, I was that kid that his mom had to make him go outside sometimes because there was always something on the boob tube that I want to watch. Something that I also love as much or more as good television is backstory, I want to know why things happened and how they happened, so Ryan Murphy’s new show Feud takes care of both these things for me. Feud tells the story of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford and everything that happened with them and around them as they were making the awesome psychological horror film, Whatever Happened To Baby Jane in 1962. Baby Jane tells the story of Jane Hudson and her sister Blanche, two aging actresses living in their Hollywood mansion and yearning for the days gone by, Blanche is confined to a wheelchair and Jane is her caregiver and we see how they treat each other and the bitter fighting that goes on between these two grown siblings. Feud not only gives us a look at the making of Baby Jane but also at the feud between these two Hollywood legends who disliked each other for apparently many reasons including jilted lovers, Academy Awards and lost movie roles. (above image via)

This series has SO many great things going for it besides the stellar cast, the costumes are amazing and give us a look at high and casual fashion in early 1960’s, we also see all the wonderful interior design at the time which includes lots of holdovers from the 1950’s including all the authentic beautiful cars they drive. The cast is led by Jessica Lange playing Joan Crawford and Susan Sarandon playing Bette Davis, I’m going to be honest and say I wasn’t sure about Sarandon playing Bette Davis but she’s amazing. (above image via, below image via)

Remember in 1962 Davis and Crawford were both aging actresses, Davis was 54 and Crawford was 58 which today aren’t seen as old but this film deals brilliantly with the ageism, sexism, and misogyny that’s so prolific in the world in 1962 as well as today especially after women pass the age of 40. If you aren’t watching Feud check it out, it’s on Sunday nights on FX and it’s wonderful. Enjoy!!!

Bette Davis and Joan Crawford pose in a publicity shot after signing their contracts for “Baby Jane” with Jack Warner, Head of Warner Bros. Studio. (via)

Lange and Sarandon playing the contract signing scene in Feud, you can see here how well the costumes are done to recreate the outfits worn by Davis and Crawford. (via)

A scene from Whatever Happened To Baby Jane with Crawford and Davis. (via)

In the film, Blanche Hudson was in a wheelchair, in this scene from Feud Jessica Lange is studying her lines when she’s interrupted by a much younger actress asking for an autograph. (via)

Actress Judy Davis plays poison pen newspaper columnist Hedda Hopper. Davis is brilliant in the role and the wonderful costumes put her Hedda over the top. (via)

Catherine Zeta-Jones plays the part of actress Olivia de Havilland in Feud, she’s telling the story of the feud between Davis and Crawford while being interviewed for a documentary during the 1978 Academy Awards. (via)

Alfred Molina plays movie director Robert Aldrich in Feud, here he’s talking to Lange’s Crawford about doing Baby Jane and getting Davis for the title role. (via)


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