John Derian 2017

April 18, 2017

By Tab Byrum

Tomorrow I’m heading to New York City for a few days, I’ll give you more details on the trip tomorrow, but I thought today we would look at one of my favorite NYC artists/shopkeepers, John Derian. Derian is known for his wonderful decoupage art, all his decoupage is done in his New York studio using images he reproduces from his large collection of vintage prints, all the images are transferred to handblown glass. John Derian’s images come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes including ovals, round, rectangles, and multi-piece wall hangings. I have a couple of the smaller trays and paperweights he’s created but I aspire to one of the multi-piece wall hangings. Today I want to share some of the newer pieces since we last checked in on John Derian, I love his use of florals, animals, and especially the more “unique” pieces such as the multi-piece skeleton wall hanging. I hope you like the work of John Derian as much as I do and remember you can see his work here and order online if you can’t make it to New York. Enjoy!!! ( above image Roses III)



I love the colors in Hollyhock

Bulls and Oxen (#2), isn’t the floral border wonderful. 

Wouldn’t Artichoke be great hung in the kitchen or dining room?

I have a thing for Strawberries and Derian’s version is among my favorites. 




The color wheel plate, Spectrum, is one of my favorites as well as the blue and white Faience Slice plate. 

Fifi would be a great gift for a dog lover and nature lovers would love Hummingbird

Multi-Piece Wall Hangings


Bessler Poppies is made up of 15 pieces. 

In Good Health is made up of 12 pieces, wonderful gift for a doctor or graduating Med student.

Other Shapes



On the left, we have Eye Bowl (left) and on the right is Calm Cat

Among the Oblong Trays category, we have Monkshood and Twinkling Stars which would be great for a nursery.

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