Lovely Lilies

April 14, 2017

By Tab Byrum

This time of year one of the easiest flowers to find to buy and work with in home arrangements are Lilies. I personally love lilies, I love all the colors they come in, the beautiful colors from white to pink and some in-between and I enjoy the scent of Lilies. I know some people don’t enjoy the scent of Lilies and I have a couple of clients that really sneeze when Lilies are around. Lilies have a lot going for them, in addition to their color and scent, they also are a great flower to add height to any arrangement and drama and Lilies are one of those flowers that you can create smaller and more simple arrangements by using a couple of Lilies in a small vase, or mix them with other flowers in a shorter vase, like Hydrangeas, and you have a great centerpiece. Today, as we head into Easter weekend, we are going to take a look at Lilies in their natural environment as well as floral arrangements using Lilies. Have a wonderful weekend and Enjoy!!! (above image via)

All white Lilies are always classic and elegant looking. (via)

Green and White are one of my favorite color combinations and white Lilies are the perfect flower to give that big punch of white. (via)

The Stargazer is still one of my very favorites. (via)

Yellow Lilies add a big pop of color along with white Daisies and a few Alstroemeria. (via)

The Vermeer is a beautiful all pink Asiatic Lily. (via)

Of course, all white arrangements work most anywhere, a great combination of white Lilies and roses. (via)

Just a vase full of Lilies is sometimes all you need and it’s very dramatic. (via)

Asiatic Lilies are a wonderful flower to use in arrangments, here we have the Strawberry and Cream Lily. (via)

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