Modern Farmhouse: Exteriors

May 22, 2017

By Tab Byrum

I have a weakness for a beautiful farmhouse, you know the type, a two story house with a beautiful front porch that’s usually painted in a light color or white. Many times they’ll have lots of windows, remember there was a time when homes didn’t have AC and in the Summer opening up the windows on the house to the breeze was the only way to cool off and move the air. This week we are going to take a look at Modern Farmhouse, a trend where people are taking the classic farmhouse look and style and bringing it into the 21st century with finishes and ideas that are both modern and timeless but still make us think casual and earthy. Today we’re going to start by looking at Modern Farmhouse Exteriors and what it takes to attain the look, when I started looking into this for the blog I was amazed at how many trends I had already covered on Tabulous Design and we’ll also look at many of those trends. (above image via)

White seems to be the overwhelming color of choice for the Modern Farmhouse look. (via)

White is the exterior color of choice so it seems only natural to go with black or dark colors for other features like the roof and windows. I love the metal awnings seen here on two of the larger upstairs windows. (via)

A big front porch is a staple on farmhouses no matter when they’re built. The front porch is the formal entrance to the house and is the one guests will see, they’re also where you can sit on pleasant evenings and enjoy the outside and your favorite beverage. (via)

This Modern Farmhouse brings in a barn element to its look as well as darker colors and stone for the exterior of the home. Farmhouses are known for using local elements in their construction such as the stone seen here and timber. (via)

Many times the welcoming front porch will become a wraparound front porch encompassing two, three or all 4 sides of a home. (via)

One thing we are seeing more of today is the use of timber in homes, especially on porches. Here thick timber beams are used to help create front porch on home as well as give support to guttering and add some interest to the exterior. (via)

This is a more contemporary take on a Modern Farmhouse, the design incorporates barn elements to the house as well as large window, use of stone, dividing the house into wings and using dark colors on the exterior. (via)

I love the use of metal roofs on homes, I would like to put a metal roof on our home. I think they make the house look completely different and give it a more industrial and sleek look. It’s something we’re starting to see a lot more of in urban areas, there are several homes in some of Oklahoma City’s “upscale” neighborhoods that have metal roofs. (via)

A beautiful view of a Modern Farmhouse, you can see there are multiple materials on the exterior. The center looks to be painted brick, to the left of the front porch is vertical painted wood and a metal awning and to the right is traditional siding. Notice how a traditional barn door has been added to the street side of the garage to give it a more “barn-like” look and feel. (via)

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