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May 24, 2017

By Tab Byrum

There are several things that are quickly becoming fixtures of the Modern Farmhouse look, some of these might be considered standard and some are more possibilities if you like them. I thought today as we continue to look at the Modern Farmhouse type of home we would look at these features and how they’re used. I like many if not all of them and remember that they can also be incorporated into whatever type of home you have or might be thinking about building. It’s time for the show, Enjoy!!! (above image via)

Use Of Wood


The use of wood in the Modern Farmhouse is a big deal, whether it’s reclaimed as seen above in the ceiling and island or the reclaimed wood below on the wall behind the bed. Wood floors are also widely used, whether they’re made of new or reclaimed wood. (above via, below via)

Interior Barn Doors


The use of Barn doors used in the interior of homes is very popular, although we are starting to see barn doors that are sleeker and not as thick and rough. (above via, below via)

Farmhouse Sinks


Whether they’re porcelain, stainless steel, granite, or even wood a Farmhouse Sink is right at home in the Modern Farmhouse. The sinks are deep and wide and can handle almost any job, install the popular tall faucet and you’re set for any job. (above via, below via)

Bin Pull Hardware


I love a good Bin Pull and happily, that seems to be the most popular hardware in Modern Farmhouses. Bin Pull hardware comes in all finishes, above we see them in brass and below in nickel, in our home we have some black ones on cabinets in our hall. I think Bin Pull hardware looks sharp and gives a shout out to the heritage of farmhouses. (above via, below via)



Thanks to JoAnna Gaines and Fixer Upper Shiplap is all the rage right now as a wall treatment, especially in the Modern Farmhouse look. Shiplap is when boards are halved and then installed horizontally so the one above overlaps the board below. (above via, below via)

Open Shelving


Open shelving in kitchens is a concept that is very European but has caught on here and is especially popular in the Modern Farmhouse genre. Open Shelving allows you keep walls feeling more open while still having storage, you do have to keep your shelves presentable at all times and there’s always the problem of dust. Below you can see this is a great place to also incorporate some industrial elements like pipe and fittings. (above via, below via)

Color Color Color


Colors tend to be more muted in Modern Farmhouse homes, with lots of white, black, gray and wood tones. Above is a color chart from The Voice of Color, they put this together to show some of the more popular colors. Personally, when I use a color I like to use stronger versions of it, I’m leaning towards using more neutral colors, gray, khaki, cream, on the walls, floors, and ceilings of our home and we’ll get color from art, upholstery, and accessories. (via)

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