Windows Of Black

May 18, 2017

By Tab Byrum

We want to install new windows in our home for both economic and aesthetic reasons and I keep finding myself coming back to black windows, I look how they look both inside the house and outside. Black windows offer some drama to a home’s look and decor without being overly dramatic and I especially like black windows against a home that’s done in a lighter color on the outside and inside, I have some images that show that today. Now, who knows next week I may decide that white windows are the way to go, I know that makes me sound fickle but let’s face it we’re fickle creatures by nature. Here are several images to illustrate why I like black windows, let me know what you think. Enjoy!!! (above image via)

See how much the windows stand out against the light color of the house, love it!! (via)

I love all the colors going on here, white cabinets & walls, gray floor, brass hardware and black windows. It all works together beautifully. (via)

Who wouldn’t love doing laundry in this room? You can see the windows and doors leading outside are black but inside doors are stained. (via)

Here the black front door and windows lead you into the neutral entryway with a black banister and dark risers on the stairs. (via)

I’m sure these are black steel doors, pricey but gorgeous. (via)

Another look at the outside of a home done in a neutral color with black paned windows, simple and elegant. (via)

Here you can see how well black doors and windows also work with natural elements like stone. (via)

I do like panes in windows, I always feel like something’s missing if I see big windows without panes. Beautiful room. (via)

I wouldn’t mind standing here doing dishes or working on flowers, again we have white, black, and brass working together beautifully. (via)

Beautiful!! (via)

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