Adding Drama: Hallways

July 20, 2017

By Tab Byrum

Hallways for most of us are areas in our homes that we simply pass through going from one room or area to others several times a day, but I think we should take full advantage of hallways. Our home is not an open concept home, it was built in 1962 and all the rooms are separated by walls except for the current kitchen and living area. We have a hallway from the living room that leads back to the bedrooms and bathroom, but the hall is across the front of our home and passes by the front door so when you enter through the front door the hall acts as an entry way also. I think hallways are the perfect place to have some fun, whether it’s with the artwork you hang, light fixtures you choose, family photos you display, or the colors, patterns, and textures you put on the walls. Our hallway is home to some vintage posters we’ve collected over the years and had framed, I would love to raise the ceiling in the hallway and install a couple of beautiful pendant lights as well as some track or recessed lighting that can be used to light artwork. Today we are going to look at Dramatic Hallways and get some ideas on what you can do to liven up one of the most traveled areas in your home. Enjoy!!! (above image via)

This hallway has a wonderful herringbone pattern wood floor and the walls are painted a dark charcoal gray. The homeowners also use the hallway to display artwork by their kids and as a library space to store books. (via)

Dark colors on the floor and walls encompass this hallway making it a great place to display an installation of art either on white canvas or matted in white. (via)

White is the go to color in this Dramatic Hallway. Dark colored floors help the walls and ceiling sparkle and the interior barn door is great. (via)

A dark blue gives a wonderful background for this hallway. The blue is continued in the rug and upholstery and chic lighting adds to the drama. (via)

You can never go wrong with Black and White as seen in this hallway. Black and white marble floors add to the ambiance of a hallway filled with beautiful trim and moldings. (via)

Dark walls and lighter floors create friction in this dramatic hallway that’s used as a gallery to display the homeowner’s art collection. Love the punch of orange at the end of the walkway. (via)

Once again, it’s hard to beat an all white area. The Herringbone Floor lends some pattern to an otherwise stark area. (via)

I saved this one for last, while it’s not technically a hallway it’s an entry hall. Love the white and silver and the big hit of blue coming from the carpet, woodwork, and walls of the adjoining room. (via)

I hope this post lets you see that your hallways can be just as beautiful and useful as the rest of your home, don’t ignore them because they get so much use, instead, embrace them and decorate them just like the rest of your home. Have a great day!!!!

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