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July 11, 2017

By Tab Byrum

In the world of Interior Design, the name de Gournay is one that invokes deep sighs and admiration among designers. Anything that comes from de Gournay is a true work of art, whether it’s a piece of hand painted porcelain, a yard of fabric, or a single panel of hand painted wallpaper, you know that it has been created by artists who are inspired by the world around them, history, and beautiful things. de Gournay conjures thoughts of an ancient French firm that has been creating since France had Kings, but instead they’ve quickly built a reputation for timeless beauty since their founding in 1986. I have recently been seeing a lot of work by de Gournay online and in publications, they’ve recently teamed up with a retailer to create a one of a kind collection. I thought we would take a look at de Gournay and what they create, starting specifically with their wallpapers. They have several different categories of wallpaper but today we are going to start with their Chinoiserie collection, papers that focus on nature and the world around us. The papers are inspired by antique works of art from Asia and are made up of beautiful colors, whether you are wanting something bright and beautiful or neutral and elegant there’s something here to inspire you. Join me for a look at de Gournay wallpapers and be inspired, Enjoy!!! (the above paper is St. Laurent)

A neutral background provides a beautiful home for birds and butterflies on this paper called Badminton, it’s painted on White Gold Silk. 

Jardinieres Citrus Trees is seen here used in a room designed by famed designer Charlotte Moss.  You have to wonder, which came first the wallpaper or the marble on the fireplace? 

Neutral color schemes are still very popular and this beautiful paper entitled Chatsworth from de Gournay allows you to have the elegance of tone on tone with pops of color and life from the birds and flowers. 

I love in this picture how de Gournay wallpaper panels have become framed works of art. The Earlham pattern is framed and hung in a dining room designed by Ashley Goforth Design

de Gournay papers are very classic in design but can easily work with more contemporary elements as seen here with the stools, lamps, bedding and canopy bed. Here we see Jardinieres Citrus Trees again, this time with a neutral background color. 

I hope this has given you some inspiration, and know that whatever your price point there are products out there to give you the look you want. Have a great Tuesday!!!

All images and information
courtesy of de Gournay.

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