Enjoying The Crape Myrtles

July 31, 2017

By Tab Byrum

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not a great lover of all things Summer. I don’t enjoy the heat, I don’t enjoy the bright sun or the hot wind that often greets you as you step out of the house but one thing that I do enjoy this time of year are the flowers and especially here in Oklahoma, the Crape Myrtles. Sometimes we have a hard time getting anything pretty to bloom in this part of the country during this time of year, but this year we had a wet Spring and have had some occasional showers during the Summer and the Crape Myrtle bushes and trees are beautiful. I recently drove around Oklahoma City taking photos of Crape Myrtles that I can share with you, I love all the colors they come in. For years the bright, dark Pink variety was what you saw the most of but now you see a lot of a lighter Pink color as well as a light Purple, and White. I’ve noticed that many people are planting them to line either side of a walkway forming an allée which I really like. I recently shared our beautiful new fence so now we are looking at how we can improve our backyard, especially around the perimeter and I definitely think Crape Myrtles will be a part of it. Until I get my own planted and growing we’ll just have to enjoy the photos I’m sharing today, let me know your thoughts on Crape Myrtles and what your favorite color is. Enjoy!!!

I have some friends who are the manufacture and sale of silk flowers and I asked them one time when we were in Atlanta if they had ever thought about doing Crape Myrtle blooms in silk, they told me they looked too much like Lilac blooms which they already make.

One thing I like about Crape Myrtles is how you can keep them shorter at a shrub height or let them grow and add some height and color to your yard. 

Here’s a small park in an OKC neighborhood where they’ve allowed the Crape Myrtles to grow and form a nice tall border along the street. 

This Crape Myrtle has been allowed over the years to spread out and grow up.

Here’s a group of three planted along the interior of a short wall of a home. 

I’m seeing more and more of this purple color of Crape Myrtles, lovely. 

This hot pink color is still the most prevalent. Crape Myrtles are a great way to color up and in front of other foliage in your yard, a pop of color in a sea of green. 

Love these guys on either side of the side porch of this home.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little look at some Oklahoma blooms this Summer. Have a great Monday and Enjoy!!!

All words and images are my own.


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  • Sharon

    I just planted 8 crape myrtle around the raised walk of my house They are already blooming and beautiful Cannot wait til next year when they are bigger and busier and even more beautiful

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