Getting Fenced In

July 26, 2017

By Tab Byrum

Our home is on the corner of a very busy street in Oklahoma City and we’ve always had a privacy fence around our home’s back yard. Several years ago a portion of our fence was blown down during a storm and we installed a new fence and that fence had really started showing wear and tear so we recently replaced it. Last year we came up with a plan of replacing all the fence and started with the shortest side between us and our neighbor, we went with a 6-foot tall cedar plank, board on board fence with metal posts set in concrete. The cedar planks are stained after the fence is installed and need to be re-stained every two years. We really like how the short side turned out so we decided to take the plunge and do the long side, except we decided to go with a combination 8-foot/6-foot tall fence instead of all 6-foot. Living next to a busy street there is a lot of traffic noise of course and that side of the house is on the west side which gets all of the afternoon sun, we can definitely tell a difference as far as the noise level, much less, and the west side of our yard has a nice shade earlier in the day. I wanted to share some photos of our new fence and give you some ideas, I love the board on board look and the flat topper on the fence, it gives it a very finished look and feel. Our fence was built by GM Landscape & Irrigation here in central Oklahoma, this is the second project we’ve done with Gary Melton and his crew and are very pleased with their work and are looking forward to future projects around our home with these guys. Here are the photos and Enjoy!!!

Here’s a look at the old fence, you can see how grayed the wood had become…

…and at the bottom, it was starting to rot away from moisture and being in touch with the wet ground.

The last couple of years some of the boards had split and we had replaced them. 

The old gate.

Day 1, tear down the old and set the posts in concrete.

The two big posts that will form the sides of the new gate. 

Fence going up. 

In these last two pictures, you can see the break from 6-feet to 8-foot tall fencing.

This image helps explain the board on board. The initial 6″ wide planks are attached to the fence posts with about a 2″ space between them. Then a smaller 3 1/2″ board is placed over the gap between the larger boards. 

Here we have the finished product the morning after the crew finished. The fence construction and staining took Gary Melton and his crew about 2 and a half days.

We love the look of our new fence and the amount of noise it cuts down on when we are both inside and outside the house is very noticeable. Now it’s time to start working on getting a landscaping plan together. 

We moved the front of the fence closer to the front edge of our house and, love the new gate. 

Here you can see the board on board and the flat topper that finishes it all off quite nicely. I can also attest that the flat top makes a lovely running track for squirrels which in turn helps to exercise your dogs. 

A closer look at stain color and board on board.

Next on the list? Painting the storage building and the exterior of the house…and new windows, and a new front porch and…

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