The Beguiled~ A Sofia Coppola Film

July 3, 2017

By Tab Byrum

We went to the movies over the weekend, one of our favorite things to do, we saw two films and one of them was the new Sofia Coppola film The Beguiled. The film stars Nicole Kidman and Colin Farrell as well as Kirsten Dunst and Elle Fanning and is based on a 1966 Southern Gothic novel titled A Painted Devil. The film takes place during the Civil War in Virginia at an all girl’s school run by Martha Farnsworth, she and one other teacher are in charge of the five girls still at the school. One of the students, Amy, stumbles onto a wounded soldier named John McBurney while gathering mushrooms and takes him back to the school hoping Miss Farnsworth will tend his wounds. McBurney is set up in the Music Room of the southern mansion turned school, his wound is tended to and let’s just say sexual tension takes over. (above image via)


The movie is filled with love-starved women and curious coming of age teenagers all vying for the seemingly only man left in the South, all stewing in a beautiful home and wearing beautiful clothes from the 1860’s. John McBurney thanks the women and tries to pay them back by helping out with chores around the estate, needless to say, jealousy rears its ugly head, an injury is suffered and we’re back to what do we do with the wounded soldier. The movie is wonderful, it’s filled with tension from a time when people, especially women, weren’t allowed to express themselves and it was bad form to let your feelings show. The film is also beautiful as far costumes and the scenery, you can feel the heat and humidity and only imagine how uncomfortable clothes were at that time no matter how beautiful they are. One thing I noticed was is there is very little music in the film as far as a soundtrack, there is some singing by the young ladies in the film as well as a couple of performances of piano and violin playing, finally at the end of the film in the penultimate scene there is some music in the background which helps wind things up nicely. If you are a fan of period films I encourage you to see The Beguiled, in this day and age of action and superheroes movies galore a film like this one is a very welcome breath of air.

Nicole Kidman above stars as headmistress Martha Farnsworth of Miss Farnsworth’s Seminary For Young Women. She and her clavicle give a wonderful performance. (via)

Colin Farrell gives a wonderful performance as John McBurney, wounded Yankee soldier at the mercy of strong southern belles. (via)

An elegant dinner with an ulterior motive, not sure if this is the view I would want to see from my seat. (via)

If you have extra time over the holiday the next few days take a break from reality and check out The Beguiled and soak up some deadly Southern hospitality. Enjoy!!!

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