Pantone Fall 2017 ~ Navy Peony & Neutral Gray

August 16, 2017

By Tab Byrum

It’s day three of our look at the 10 colors of Pantone that are supposed to be the most popular in the coming Fall and Winter months, today we are looking at Navy Peony and Neutral Gray. I love navy blue, it goes so well with so many colors, especially in fashion. Of their Navy Peony Pantone says, “A mainstay for the season for both palettes, Navy Peony is a dependable and an anchoring shade. Solid and stable, the hue takes some of the load off of black as a go-to neutral.” While I won’t be giving up black for navy I do have a lot of navy in my wardrobe and love to decorate with the color. Gray is still a hot color both in home decor and fashion so it’s no surprise that Natural Gray is on the list of top 10 colors for Fall. Gray is a wonderful neutral color and works with so many other colors beautifully, of Neutral Gray Pantone says, “ The standard bearer of all neutrals, Neutral Gray shares the anchoring role with Navy Peony in this palette. It can be used as an accent or a head-to-toe statement shade.”  Join me now for a look at some examples of our two colors and see how strong they are both together and apart. Enjoy!!! (above via & via)

Navy Peony


Navy, white, and gray combine here to create a colorful and elegant room. (via)

Rugs are always a great way to get a load of color into a room. This Navy rug is gorgeous. (via)

Chairs are also a great way to get color into a room without going over the top. These industrial chairs come in lots of color choices, are fun and lightweight. (via)

We often talk about accent walls here at Tabulous Design, one wall done in Navy adds depth and elegance to a room, especially when it’s paired with a color like pink in this photos. (via)

Our two colors of the day combine here to create a simple and timeless look. (via)

Neutral Gray

In this bathroom, Gray works wonderfully with all the white and a few natural colored accessories. (via)

This twine may be one of the most perfect shades of Neutral Gray, love the texture also. (via)

This whole office has been painted gray, it shows what a wonderful neutral shade gray is. (via)

Here we see a simple Gray runner and how beautifully it works with white and the natural greens of the foliage. (via)

Again, rugs are an excellent way to get your main color into a room. This Gray and Cream rug has a contemporary feel to it by would look beautiful in most any room. (via)

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