Poppies and Poppy Red

August 7, 2017

By Tab Byrum

It’s no secret that red has always been my favorite color but I find myself wanting it in smaller doses, not necessarily rooms painted red but red in artwork, fabric, and accessories. One of my favorite shades of red is Poppy Red, to me, it has more orange in it and not as much blue as darker shades. Poppies it turns out is one of two “birth flowers” assigned to the month of August so I thought we would take a look today at Poppies and how they inspire designers and artists both in the literal form of the Poppy flower and the color. Enjoy!!! (above image via)

You will often find Poppies depicted in art, their bright red blooms with black centers are a wonderful source of inspiration. (via)


Poppy Red gives this color block pillow a great punch of color. (via)

Poppy Red made its way onto the fashion runway for Fall/Winter 2017 from Givenchy. (via)


Here we have a great piece of recycled art, Red Poppies painted onto palette wood from Amy Parker Art. 

Designer Bridget Vizoso found inspiration in Poppies, she created her own giant versions of the flower and mixed them in with real Poppies to created this dramatic centerpiece. (via)

Love these Poppy Red Murano glass lamps with marble bases. The perfect hit of color in a room. (via)

This watercolor on rice paper is by artist Carolyn Wilson, it’s poppies and other flowers in front of a fence. (via)

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