Halloween Cocktails ~ Part 2

October 26, 2017

By Tab Byrum

It’s day 2 of our look at Cocktails with a Halloween theme and today we have gathered recipes for drinks that are as black as night, jack-o-lantern based as well as a bloody version of a child star. We also have recipes that the kids can drink if you’re having a party for spooks of all ages. So let’s throw open the doors on the Halloween liquor cabinet and get to brewing our cocktails. Enjoy!!!

Dark & Stormy Death Punch


This Dark & Stormy Death Punch is the traditional Rum and Ginger Beer punch with the added kick of eyeballs made of Lychee and Cherries. 

Bram Brack


This spicy drink gets its name from, Bram Brack, from an Irish Halloween bread that is filled with currants and raisins. 

Blood Peach Bellini


Campari and Grenadine combine to give the Blood Peach Bellini its blood red color, love this drink and the color. 



I love the color of the Wonderlust which it gets from using Violet Liqueur. 

Jack-O-Lantern Cocktail


The Jack-O-Lantern gets its name from the fab garnish on top but has wonderful flavor coming from Cognac and Orange flavors. 

Halloween Hpnotist


The Halloween Hpnotist gets its great blue color from Hpnotiq Liqueur and its glow from the glowstick used to stir. 

El Diablo Cocktail


Tequila is the key to the El Diablo Cocktail, I love how this drink looks and I bet it tastes even better. 

Frog In A Blender


A new take on a Cranberry Cocktail, the Frog In A Blender name alone will make you do a double take. Love the chunks of Lime that look like chunks of Frog. 

The Wolf Bite


Absinthe combines with fruit flavored liqueurs to give The Wolf Bite shot its tasty kick.  

Vampire Floats


If you’re having kids and parents at your get together than it might be fun to have a special drink for the little hobgoblins. The Vampire Float combines red soda, ice cream, and Strawberry Syrup to create a bloody mess. 

Polyjuice Potion


Harry Potter fans rejoice as we have a recipe for Polyjuice Potion. Lime Sherbet, Soda, and green food coloring are all you need to create this witchy brew. 

Blood Clot Shots


If your a cinnamon fan than the Blood Clot Shot might be the drink for you, Cinnamon Whiskey and hard Apple Cider create this creepy cocktail. 

Bloody Shirley Temples


A syringe filled with Grenadine floating in a glass of clear Soda is a fun and creepy way to create Bloody Shirley Temples for kids of all ages. 

There you have it, the second set of 13 cocktails for Halloween revelers of all ages. I hope you’ve found something you can use and enjoy. Have a great day and Enjoy!!!

Words are my own.
Images and recipes are courtesy of
Food & Wine, The Spruce, and
Woman’s Day.

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