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December 7, 2017

By Tab Byrum

I wanted to share one last door with you, it’s a door I’ve decorated for several years. This year I changed it up a little, I didn’t use everything in the tub of decorations but I’m very happy with the outcome. This is another of those doors that I try to do something that will also work with Valentine’s Day once the Christmas holidays are over. I’ll just come back and pull out all the obvious Christmas decorations, like the holly and add hearts and cupids and leave that up until after February 14th. I’ll give you a step by step and some more detail with photos of the door. Enjoy!!!

I started with this great Mesh Ribbon, it’s a great color combination of Red, Green, and gold. Perfect for all the Christmas colors. 

After the Mesh Ribbon is up then I start layering on the foliage and decorations. There’s a beautiful garland of Red Hydrangeas, Pine, and Cedar on it. Then I add big bunches of Holly to the top corners and center of the decoration.

Here you can see the Holly and Hydrangea Garland better. I also go in add large Red Ornaments to the Decoration and lights. 

I love this snowy Cedar Garland, it’s decorated with bright Red ornaments and Red Jingle Bells.

Here you can see how it all layers on top of each other, I let a lot more of the Mesh Ribbon show through on this door than I do some of the others I decorate. The colors on the Mesh Ribbon are so good and add a lot to the door decoration. 

I trail the Cedar Garland down both sides along with lights. The green of the garland and the Red ornaments and bells look awesome against the Mesh Ribbon. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick look at another Door Decoration, have a great day and check back tomorrow for more Holiday decorating ideas. Enjoy!!!

Words and images are my own.


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