Red, White & Retro Christmas Door

December 5, 2017

By Tab Byrum

I’ve shared the door to this home with you before on the blog but these are new decorations, I’m lucky that I get to change out this door three or four times a year and always with a new theme. I’ve been sticking with red and white in some fashion on this entry because right after Christmas is over I come and take the overtly Christmas items out of it and put in hearts and cupids and we leave that up until after Valentine’s Day, then I change it out to Spring. This time I used Red and White Mesh Ribbon as the base of my decoration, to that I added red berry garlands to the center and large red berry picks to the ends of the decoration. My favorite part of this year’s decoration is the large red and white striped poinsettias, to me, they are totally retro and remind of so many holiday decorations from the 1950’s and 60’s. On top, I added some fun white garlands that a big touch of whimsy and I worked in white lights that add great sparkle. I’ll go into more detail below in the photos, I hope you like this as much as I do. Enjoy!!!

Here you can see the red and white mesh ribbon I used for a colorful base for the door decoration. Once you settle on a color palette, here red and white, then it’s easy to bring everything together and it’s just a matter of placement. I like to kind of divide the door decoration in half and make sure the left and right sides are balanced out. If you look at the photos at the top and bottom of the post you can see there are two Poinsettias in the center then two more on each side, this is one of the few times an even number of items works.

Here you can see the Red Berry Garlands I used that added a natural element to the decoration, plus a close up of the striped poinsettias. I think these flowers are fun for their brightly colored stripes and exaggerated size.

I added this white garland to the top for a touch of whimsy, it’s hard to see in the photo but there’s glitter on the garland that adds sparkle in both the sunlight of day and from the Christmas lights in the garland at night. 

Here you can see the large Red Berry Picks I added to both “ends” of the door garland. You can also see the white lights peeking through the White Mesh Ribbon.

All of the elements come together to create a fun and brightly colored door. As I said earlier, after Christmas I’ll take out the Poinsettias and add some hearts and we’ll be set for Valentine’s Day six weeks later. 

I hope you’ve seen something that inspires you for your home and all of your Christmas decorations are coming together. Have a great day and check back tomorrow for another look at one of my decorating jobs. Enjoy!!!

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