A Venetian Snowstorm

March 23, 2018

By Tab Byrum

Our second full day in Venice dawned with more snow falling but this time it would continue to snow most of the day. We had a tour of the Doge’s Palace and St. Mark’s Basilica scheduled today but not until the afternoon so we headed out to do some walking and sightseeing. Just like in Rome the residents of Venice aren’t used to seeing a lot of snow, it does get cold here because they are in the north and really not a long way from the Alps but the Adriatic Sea helps to keep the temperature more temperate. Today though, the snow was falling fast and furious, as you’ll see in photos I’m sharing it was so heavy at times that you couldn’t see the monastery across the bay. I’m sharing a few snowy pics from our afternoon tour but I’ll do another post on the palace and Basilica later next week, for today though, Enjoy!!!

We set out in the morning in search of breakfast for all and coffee for some with snow falling.

We visited a couple of art galleries in the morning, this big red guy was standing in the courtyard of a gallery and looked wonderful with his winter coat of white. 

And occasionally you would run into people in period costumes, that can’t have been very warm. 

In the afternoon we stopped at the Caffè Florian in St. Mark’s Square for a bite to eat and something warm to drink. 

The Caffè Florian was opened in 1720 and is one of the oldest coffee houses in continuous operation in the world. Every spot has these small tables and the waitstaff brings you your order on large silver trays that fit perfectly on the tables and you dine off of the trays. 

These were ham sandwiches with sliced boiled eggs served on croissants, very good. 

This was the view of St. Mark’s Square from the front balcony of the Basilica. 

I included this picture to give you an idea of how hard it was snowing. If you look at the lower left/center of the photo, just past the two streetlights, you can barely make out the monastery across the bay from Venice. A fun piece of information, on the right of the photo you can see what look like metal risers, these are actually sidewalks. On days that the tide comes in especially high depending on storms and the fullness of the moon, these risers are temporary sidewalks that are connected to help the people walk above the level of the water. Thankfully we didn’t have to use them but there was talk it would be a possibility. 

We also toured the Doge’s Palace that I’ll tell you about next week, this is one of the walls facing the courtyard of the Palace that backs up to the Basilica. 

By nightfall, the snow had stopped and we were left with a beautiful scene. There are more than 400 bridges in Venice and many of them have stone or brick railings, I loved this one with wrought iron rails that caught the snowfall. 

Here’s our merry little band of travelers headed back to the flat after a beautiful snowy day in Venice. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, check back with us next week as I continue to share more stories and photos from our Italian journey as well as lots of news from the world of design. Enjoy!!!

Words and images are my own.

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