At Home With Designer Vern Yip

April 3, 2018

By Tab Byrum

I’ve always enjoyed watching design shows on TV hosted by designer Vern Yip so I was excited the other day when I stumbled onto a Traditional Home online article about Yip’s home he shares with his partner Craig and their two children. Yip was born in Hong Kong but grew up in Virginia where he graduated from high school in 1986 and attended the University of Virginia and earned degrees in economics and chemistry. Yip was all prepared to attend medical school when he changed his mind and decided to study architecture instead, graduating from Georgia Tech with a Masters in Architecture. Today Yip is known for his classic designs imbued with color and personality and hosting shows on HGTV and TLC’s Trading Spaces. Vern Yip is now based in Atlanta and lives in a 1925 home. I love the design of this family’s home, there are so many traditional elements such as paneling, wide baseboards, large arched windows, and wood floors all done with lots of colors. Of course, you could also totally carry off this decorating scheme using neutrals for a very sophisticated look and feel. Join me for a tour of Vern Yip and Craig Koch’s Atlanta home and be inspired. Enjoy!!!

What is now the foyer of the home used to be the front porch, Yip and his husband Craig Koch enclosed the porch with the arched windows and created a beautiful and expansive entrance to their home. 

A table beside the home’s staircase is draped in fabric and trim from the Vern Yip Collection for Trend and is home to a photo of Yips mother. 

The color red is seen throughout the home as well as Asian statuary and artifacts the couple have picked up on their travels throughout the Far East as you can see here in the Family Room. 

You can also see lots of contemporary art and photographs in the home as well as pairs of decorative pieces. Notice the pair of Griffins on top of the bookcases. 

Vern Yip and his husband Craig Koch with their children Gavin and Vera.

The color red is strong in the Dining Room of the home, this time in a Spice hue. Notice the pair of lions on the fireplace mantel and the pair of candlesticks in the windows.

The playroom is awash in blue as well as combining traditional shapes like the overstuffed chair and sofa with contemporary shapes like the miniature ghost chairs around the coffee table and the lighting.

The Master Bedroom of the home combines the earth tones on the walls, drapes, and bedding with more reds in the rug and pillows. Notice the pair of urns in the windows and pair of chairs flanking the fireplace. I love symmetry. 

Earth tones spill over into the Master Bath with a herringbone tile floor and more Asian finds used as decoration. 

Blue shows up again in this guest bedroom with the Paris Petal Pendant lamp by Vern Yip for Stonegate taking center stage and providing inspiration. 

Daughter Vera’s bedroom is done in Browns and Oranges with a beautiful floral fabric on the orange bedding. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tour of Vern Yip’s beautiful Atlanta home and maybe found something to inspire you. Check back later this morning when we take a tour of the most visited museum in Florence, Italy. Enjoy!!!

Words are my own.
Images and Info are
courtesy of Traditional Home.

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