Italy: Milan Cathedral

April 4, 2018

By Tab Byrum

The final two days of our time in Italy were spent in Milan, we were spending such a short time here that I booked a hotel room instead of looking for an apartment and we stayed at the Hotel da Vinci in Milan’s business district. The hotel is a large purple structure with great rooms and honestly the largest shower we had experienced our entire time in Italy. I have to be honest and say that we were tired by the time we got to Milan and ready to get home to our house, bed, and dogs so we didn’t hit the streets of Milan as hard as we had the other cities. The one thing we decided to focus on was the Duomo or Milan Cathedral in the center of the city, the Cathedral of Milan is the largest in Italy (remember Vatican City is its own state) and took 600 years to complete. The Cathedral is truly beautiful with multiple spires soaring up from its roof as well as huge columns with saints and apostles standing on top of them. The style of the Cathedral is Gothic and it houses beautiful treasures of stained glass, marble and the relics of Saint Charles Borromeo which are housed in a glass coffin under the altar of the church. Join me today for a tour of the interior or the Milan Cathedral and tomorrow I will take you on a tour of the amazing rooftop, one of my favorite things we did. Enjoy!!!

I had to include a photo of the Hotel Da Vinci to let you know, it’s really PURPLE!!!

This was the view of the interior of the Cathedral when we first walked in, you can get an idea of how massive it is.

The floor is an artistic creation in itself. All the different colors of marble cut into different shapes and assembled into an amazing pattern. 

A look up at the nave of the church.

The stained glass throughout the Cathedral is amazing. 

There are several people “buried” within the Cathedral including this Cardinal and a few others plus a Saint. 

This is a statue honoring Saint Bartholomew, we were unable to any closer to this amazing statue because they were cleaning the stained glass in the area and had it roped off. 

A look at the high altar, notice the marble steps and beautiful stained glass at the back. 

A looks at the pipes of the organ in the Cathedral. Notice on each side the huge paintings.

A better look at the altar, organ, and gorgeous paintings and statuary. 

I hope you enjoyed this look inside the Cathedral of Milan, check back tomorrow when I take you for a walk across the roof of the Cathedral and we also take a look at color blocking. Have a great day and Enjoy!!!

Words and images are my own.

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