Pinnochio And Bartolucci In Florence.

April 6, 2018

By Tab Byrum

Once upon a time, we were walking the streets of Florence, Italy when we came upon a charming store, a store focused on the art of wood carving and the timeless Italian story of Pinocchio. The store is Bartolucci and is run by the Bartolucci family who has been in woodworking since 1936. The Bartolucci store in Florence is gorgeous and will be enjoyed by adult and children alike, the store is filled with beautiful creations in wood that are painted in bright colors and have the most wonderful faces. The focus of the store is Pinocchio, the puppet made of wood who wants to be a real boy. Francesco Bartolucci made his first Pinocchio in 1981 when he took a carpenter’s bench outside so tourists could watch him work, it is from that day on that Francesco says he had found his true path. Along with Pinocchio, you will find clocks, growth charts, toys, and even Christmas decorations. I have some photos to share with you today and if you would like to visit the Bartolucci website you can click here and as always Enjoy!!!

The gorgeous sign over the door into the Bartolucci Florence store. 

The carvings are scattered throughout the store and come in all sizes, this one is taller than me. 

On the left is a carving of Pinocchio and the Blue Fairy who brought him to life as a puppet and told him he would become a real live boy if he proves himself brave, truthful and unselfish. 

Of course, this carving of Pinocchio and a pup tugged at my heartstrings. 

Pinocchio and his creator, Gepetto.

Growth sticks to measure the kids as they grow. 

A look inside the recreation of the original Bartolucci workshop. 

Just hanging out with Pinocchio.

There are all kinds of Pinocchios to appeal to the tourists, these all have a Florence theme. 

It’s impossible to resist that face.

Wasn’t that fun? It’s amazing the creativity and artistic ability of people all over the world. I hope you’ve enjoyed all my sharings from our Italian vacation, have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you back here next week. Enjoy!!!

Words and images are my own.

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