Geometric Patterns

May 23, 2018

By Tab Byrum

Geometric patterns have long been a source of inspiration in decorating our homes, whether it’s creating a certain pattern with tile or choosing a wallpaper with a geometric pattern. We are seeing geometric pattern coming more and more into play when we decorate and today we are going to take a look at some of the ways it’s happening. Remember pattern and color are two of the easiest ways we have to change things up and make our homes interiors more interesting, we’ve been doing it for thousands of years, consider the Greek Key pattern that’s been popular forever. I hope you enjoy the images I’ve collected for you on geometric patterns and check back on Friday when we will be looking at how geometric pattern is used in our home decor and accessories, Enjoy!!! ( image via)

I love this wallpaper, it’s a kind of riff on a herringbone pattern. (via)

Rugs have long been a great way to introduce geometric images to your decor. Many cultures that produce rugs have certain shapes they are known for using. (via)

Of course, fabric is a great way to introduce pattern and drapes allow you to get the pattern up into a room. (via)

This geometric Ombre wall was created using paint but there are lots of wallpapers and even decals you can order and use to get a pattern on your walls. Here we can see that shelves were made in the hexagon shape being used on the wall to hold small accessories and add interest. (via)

Stained Glass has also been a customary way to use geometric pattern in decorating a home. In stained glass you can use shape, color, and light to create beautiful windows, lampshades, and suncatchers to hang in windows. (via)

This wall is amazing, diamond-shaped tiles are used to create squares in the lower portion and then in the top portion of the wall hexagonal tiles are introduced to carry on a play on pattern. Color is also used, notice the white at the bottom in the bottom right then it gradually gets darker as you go up ending with black on the upper left and then back to white. (via)

If you are willing to do some work you can create beautiful furniture. This is a vintage mid-century piece that was hand painted with different colors used to create a quilt like pattern using triangles. (via)

These groovy window coverings introduce pattern, color, and a certain vibe into a room all done in a nice relaxing green and white color scheme. (via)

More hexagonal tiles make up this awesome floor and a sunray pattern has been introduced on the tiles. (via)

Different sizes of rectangles have been used in this bathroom to create a fun geometric look. You could also randomly add a brightly colored tile to the mix. The dark grout really sets off the whole look. (via)

Pillows are an easy and more inexpensive way to introduce geometric pattern to a room. As you can see above you color coordinate with using different patterns with coordinating colors. (via)

I want a black and white floor so bad somewhere in our home. This one is amazing, but you need to have a large enough space to pull it off to make it look good. (via)

A fun use of color and triangles in this room. Notice how the triangles bleed over from the wall onto the door. You can create this effect using painters tape for crisp edges, you could also create a stencil if you wanted to create these or any other shape on your walls. (via)

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