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May 11, 2018

By Tab Byrum

Let’s be honest, we’re all always happy for the newly married couple when it happens but why do we show up to their weddings? The answer simply is CAKE!!!!!! In America we have a tradition of a wedding cake being a white cake, sometimes they are flavored. I’ve seen Strawberry Wedding cake, Italian Cream Wedding cake, and Angel Food Wedding cake, heck here in Oklahoma I’ve even seen wedding pies. At the royal wedding next week it’s been announced the couple has chosen a Lemon Elderflower cake with Buttercream frosting ( I love buttercream). It will be decorated with fresh flowers, it’s being made by Claire Ptak of Violet Cakes in London. Traditionally in England, wedding cakes and especially Royal wedding cakes have been some kind of fruitcake, not like Christmas fruitcake but a heavier cake with some kind of fruit baked in. The British don’t traditionally do a groom’s cake either but that tradition was broken by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge when Prince William had a grooms cake done up in his and the Queen’s favorite Chocolate Biscuit Cake. Today we are taking a look at Royal Wedding cakes and all the amazing design that goes into creating them. As a former and still sometimes cake decorator I can tell you that these cakes are major tasks to take up. So, pull up a plate and a fork and Enjoy!!!

In 1923 this was the Wedding Cake for the then Duke and Duchess of York, Queen Elizabeth II’s parents. The confection was 10 feet tall and went on a mini-tour of England before the wedding. (via)

In 1947 at the wedding reception for then Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip guests were treated to a 4 tier, 9-foot tall cake that weighed 500 pounds. The cake was made by McVite and Price Ltd. and the same baker made William and Kate’s cake 64 years later. (via)

Another look at Princess Elizabeth’s Wedding Cake. (via)

This was the official cake for the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer in July 1981. The cake was decorated with coats of arms, the couples initials and live flowers at the top. This cake was actually one of 27 cakes. (via)

When Prince Andrew married Sarah Ferguson in 1986 guests were treated to a fruitcake that had been soaked in rum, brandy, and port wine. (via)

In 1999 when Prince Edward wed Sophie Rhys-Jones it took the bakers more than 500 hours to create this 10-foot tall cake. Breaking with tradition, the cake was made of Devils Food instead of fruitcake and was topped with a pair of tennis rackets in a nod to the charity tennis tournament where the two met. (via)

William and Kate’s guests were treated to this 8 tier cake, decorated with over 900 flower and leaf decorations. (via)

A close-up look at the decoration and detail of William and Kate’s wedding cake. (via)

A view from above of the Cambridge’s cake. (via)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick look at Royal Wedding Cakes and if you’re like me your sweet tooth is aching now. Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you back here next week. Enjoy!!!

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