Royal Wedding~Wedding Reception #2, Frogmore House

May 17, 2018

By Tab Byrum

Today we are looking at Frogmore House which will be the sight of a laid-back wedding reception for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The party is being given by Prince Charles for his son and new daughter-in-law and is being kept pretty small with around 200 to 250 people being invited. The party is mainly for the wedding party and close friends and relatives of the newlyweds, rumor is a disco will be set up and there will be ice cream food trucks on hand as well as smoked bacon and sausage sandwiches as requested by Prince Harry. The venue of Frogmore House is special because this is a house on the estate of Windsor Castle that is no longer lived in by any of the royal family, Frogmore is also home to Queen Victoria’s mausoleum and the royal burial ground for members of the family. Frogmore has been owned by the royals since the 16th century and was used by Queen Charlotte, wife of George III, as a country house. Several of Queen Victoria’s children lived in the house at Frogmore as well as her mother the Duchess of Kent. During the 1980’s the house underwent a major renovation and today the house is used by the royals for special events such as dinners and parties like this weekend’s wedding party. One more thing of interest about Frogmore, when the Royal Yacht Britannia was decommissioned in 1997 several pieces of furniture from the yacht was moved to Frogmore and are still there today. Here are some images of Frogmore, a royal venue this weekend. Enjoy!!! (above via)

Frogmore gets its name from the large amount of chirping frogs that live in the pond behind the house. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had picnics on the grounds of Frogmore because it’s secluded and afforded them privacy, thus the reason they wanted to celebrate some of their wedding here. (via)

Frogmore House is not generally open to the public but it is on occasion, you just have to watch the Royal website to see when they announce the opening. Word is QEII likes to walk her dogs at Frogmore. (via)

One of the beautiful sitting rooms in Frogmore House, it’s like stepping back in time. I love the use of stripes on the furniture and edge of the table covering and then florals on the walls in paintings and literally painted onto the walls. (via)

This hallway is known as the Sunny Collonade, it houses several pieces of statuary and is decorated mainly in reds. (via)

This is a photo of the Duchess of Kent’s Lilac colored Sitting Room, The Duchess was Queen Victoria’s mother and lived at Frogmore until her death in 1861. (via)

This is an artists rendering of the room at Frogmore known as the Green Pavillion in the 18th Century. (via)

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