Small & Chic Home: The West End

July 23, 2018

By Tab Byrum

The trend for downsizing and living smaller doesn’t seem to be going anywhere but at least there are people and companies out there trying to make the trend more palatable and beautiful, case in point, today’s tiny home. This home was designed and built by an Alabama based company. Today’s featured home is called the West End and is made up of two containers with a total of 320 square feet. The West End has a full-size bathroom and a large bedroom, the living room, and kitchen make a large room. The house has a beautiful deck outside that allows you to take your living outside, weather permitting. Join me for a closer look at this small home and I’ll give you more details. Could you live here? Enjoy!!!

When you enter the Small Home you are greeted by beautiful wood floors that flow throughout the house. The walls are painted a light gray color and the woodwork is all done in a gloss white. The above view is looking back through the house from the kitchen with the front door in the wall at the back of the photo. 

Looking from the Living Room back to the kitchen you can get a full view of the kitchen. One ceiling fan is enough to move the air in the room and recessed lighting used with two hanging fixtures over the dining area. 

In the kitchen space saving appliances have been used like the refrigerator and stove top. You could do custom cabinets for your small space or I’ve seen several choices at Ikea that would work well here. Notice the easy to open window over the range top. 

The bedroom is large enough to for a queen sized bed. You could get extra storage if you purchased a platform bed with drawers. The door on the right goes out into the living room, just past that is a storage unit with storage for hanging clothes and a couple of drawers. 

I love that the bathroom is large enough to accommodate a full sized shower. The toilet reminds me of ones we have seen in Europe where they have the toilet coming out of cabinetry which allows the continuation of the countertop for storage and use. 


Here’s a look at the floorplan to get a better look at how things are set up. 

You could easily add a pitched roof to the West End and awnings over the windows would totally change the look if you want something more traditional and less streamlined. I really like the deck that’s used around half of the house. 

What are your thoughts on the Small House movement? Personally, I just don’t know if I could squeeze it all down to less than 400 square feet. There are a lot more examples and floor plans to choose from and I’ll share them over the next few weeks. Have a great day and Enjoy!!!

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