The Friends Apartment in 2018

July 30, 2018

By Tab Byrum

One of the constants that remained throughout the tenure of the TV show “Friends” was the huge rent-controlled apartment where Monica and Rachel lived, their apartment was the hangout and go to place for the six friends and all of their dates over the 10 seasons the show was on TV. The apartment was very eclectic in decoration with lots of color going on, remember the purple front door with the small frame around the peephole in the door, and the purple wall around the door. Of course, the purple gave way to a bright “tealish” color in the kitchen and then green back by the bathroom. There was a mix of fabrics on all the furniture as well as the window treatments around the HUGE multipaned window that looked out on ugly naked guy across the way. Vogue recently gave us a look at what that same apartment might look like today in 2018 in three versions. The first look is if Monica and Chandler had stayed in the apartment instead of moving to Connecticut, the second version is if Monica and Emma had moved in after Monica and Chandler had moved out. The third version is if Joey moved back to NYC from LA and was able to take over the awesome rent controlled space. Today we are going to take a look at different versions of the apartment worked up by the design firm Modsy, so join me for a tour and Enjoy!!!

Monica & Chandler 2018



Above and below we can see how Monica and Chandler might have made changes over the last 14 years to the apartment. Neutral colors are now on the walls and the kitchen kept the open shelving concept from the original. The furniture is much more grown-up and done in neutral colors of gray and tan with a patterned rug. 

An homage was kept to the purple door and in this first concept with the door still painted the famous purple. 

The TV is still in the same spot, between the 2 bedroom doors but this time it’s mounted on the wall with a lovely credenza below for storage. 

A desk and computer now figure prominently into the design, placed in front of the huge window. This is a place where Monica can sit and work on recipes and menus for her restaurant or the twins can do research for homework. Notice the Laurel and Hardy artwork sitting on the window ledge. Remember that’s from Chandler and Joey’s apartment across the hall. 

Rachel 2018


The Rachel design looks to me like Ross and Rachel didn’t make it as a couple and Rachel and Emma have moved into Aunt Monica and Uncle Chandler’s old digs. The apartment is very up to date as far as the color scheme with a gorgeous pink sofa and a cream armchair all sitting on a gray and cream patterned rug in a neutral colored room. 

A contemporary table with seating for two is in the kitchen with a view of the TV. 

Rachel also has a desk in front of the windows but this time her back is to the window and she brings in pops of black to the area with a black desk chair, footstool, lamp and artwork. 

Joey 2018


The third and final look is if Joey had taken over the space. There is a lot of gray going on here with the bricks over the kitchen counters being painted gray and lots of gray furniture. 

From the kitchen, you can see Joey brings in a lot of stuff from when he and Chandler were roommates. The foosball table in the middle of the kitchen and over to the right you can see the big white ceramic dog and a nod to Joey’s soap opera days when he played Dr. Drake with a framed magazine cover on the wall. 

Of course, Joey placed a chair and ottoman in front of the window, a great place to watch the game. An industrial piece on the wall makes a great bar to entertain the ladies. 

I always think reimaginings of a space like this are fun and I hope you’ve enjoyed this one. Have a great day and I’ll see you back here on Wednesday, Enjoy!!!

Words are my own.
Images are courtesy
of Vogue.

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