14 Ideas For Above The Kitchen Cabinets

August 24, 2018

By Tab Byrum

If you have upper kitchen cabinets then you may be familiar with the struggle of whether to decorate or not decorate above the upper cabinets and if you do decorate then WHAT TO DO???. I have gone both ways with clients over the years, some we have displayed different things they already own, sometimes we’ve gone out and bought all new stuff for above the cabinets and sometimes we have left them completely blank. Today I want to share an article from House Beautiful on what to do in that pesky area between the tops of your cabinets and the ceiling of your kitchen. You can click here to see the full article in House Beautiful online and I’ll also share a few of their ideas with you. What do you do above the cabinets, I personally like the idea of the wallpaper. Whatever you do, please promise me no artificial greenery. Have a great day a wonderful weekend and Enjoy!!!

This is one thing you can do, put a collection of something on the upper cabinets, here they’ve chosen to use different types of baskets. Just remember, whatever you decide to use is going to get dirty, maybe a little greasy (depending on how much you fry) and will smell like the kitchen. 

Of course, letters and signs are a huge deal right now and I can see doing this in that pesky space. You can spell a favorite word or two, do your family’s last name or maybe a “kitcheny” phrase like EAT UP, DINE IN or BON APÉTIT. 

The photos above and below both feature wallpaper as a treatment for above your kitchen cabinets and I really like this. The above photo is one of faux brick wallpaper being used to liven up the area and I really like this. It gives a feeling of texture and brings in another color to the area.

Here wallpaper is used to reference the homeowner’s love of cats and they’ve also brought in a couple of other ideas. They’re using the sign idea with rustic letters spelling out MEOW and jumbo balls of yarn have been placed in the corners. I can see just doing the wallpaper up high and having a tile backsplash but this wouldn’t be too bad since the stove isn’t on this wall and there won’t be anything but water from sink splashing up on the wall. 

Remember, you don’t have to do anything above the cabinets. If you like a clean and sleeker look just paint up there and move one. Whatever you do make sure it’s something you like and enjoy, remember, it’s your home. Enjoy!!!

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