30 Tabulous Fall Films: 16~30

September 27, 2018

By Tab Byrum

Today we are featuring 15 more films in our look at some of the wonderful movies coming out during the last quarter of the year. Today we are going to look at the newest rendition of Robin Hood, Mary Poppins, the latest installment from the Harry Potter world. Join me now as we step into the world of films. Enjoy!!!

A Simple Favor


Bridesmaids is one of my favorite movies ever and I’m very intrigued by A Simple Favor from the director of Bridesmaids, Paul Feig. The film is billed as a crime movie, a mom blogger goes in search of her best friend who has disappeared. With Feig involved there’s surely some humor involved. 


A Beautiful Boy


We first met Timothee Chalamet last year in Call Me By Your Name and wondered what other wonderful things he will do and Beautiful Boy may be the answer. Beautiful Boy Stars Chalamet as a young man dealing with addiction and Steve Carell as his father dealing with his son the met addict. I think this movie will be beautiful and hard to watch, it opens October 12. 

Slaughterhouse Rulez


If you’re a fan of Shaun of the Dead then you will be happy to know that Slaughterhouse Rulez is coming out on Halloween day. This time the movie takes place in a British boarding school and involves the fracking and what it might unleash on the world. I love these scary comedies and am looking forward to this one. 

The Girl In The Spider’s Web


The Girl In The Spider’s Web is the second film made from the novels of Steig Larson and this time the heroine is being played by Claire Foy of The Crown fame. The movie takes us into the dark underbelly of crime and corrupt officials and opens in theaters on November 9th. 



The film Overlord is set during World War II and follows a group of American soldiers who are dropped behind enemy lines and discover that the Nazis have been doing experiments that have created something AWFUL. I’ve been hearing about this film for a while and am looking forward to it, it opens November 9th. 

The Crimes of Grindelwald


The Crimes of Grindelwald is the second film in the Fantastic Beasts trilogy and this time we are taken to Paris. Jude Law plays a young Albus Dumbledore who is teaming up with Newt Scamander to capture the evil wizard, Gellert Grindelwald, played by Johnny Depp. The film opens in theaters on November 16th. 

Robin Hood


This is the umpteenth version of Robin Hood but I have to say I’m curious about this version starring Taron Egerton and Jamie Foxx. Egerton plays Robin of Locksley an English Lord who gives up his life of privilege to fight the evil Prince John and Sheriff of Nottingham. The 2018 version premiers just in time for Thanksgiving on November 21.

The Favourite


I am so excited about this film because of both the story it tells and the actresses who are telling it. The Favourite follows the relationship between Queen Anne of England and Sarah Churchill and especially what happens when Churchill’s cousin Abigail Marsham comes to court. The film is being billed as possibly one of the best, shocking and weirdest movies of the year, it opens on November 23rd. 

Anna And The Apocolypse


A zombie musical that falls into the genre of horror comedy, sounds crazy, doesn’t it? And I’m sure it is. I’m not finding a lot of info on Anna And The Apocolypse but I can tell you it’s a British film set during the Christmas holidays and during a zombie apocalypse. It opens on November 30. 

Mary Queen of Scots


I do love a period piece and even more than that I love a book or movie that focuses on a great rivalry and we have both in Mary Queen of Scots. The film follows the lives of Queen Mary played by Saoirse Ronan and Queen Elizabeth I of England played by Margot Robbie and how the two cousins became bitter enemies which led to the eventual beheading of one of them. This film opens on December 7th. 

Mortal Engines


If you’re a fan of fantasy films and the director Peter Jackson then rejoice in the knowledge that Mortal Engines is coming to theaters this fall. Mortal Engines tells the story of a time when cities become whole entities unto themselves and move freely trying to take the resources of other sister cities. The film opens December 14th. 

Mary Poppins Returns


In 1964 Mary Poppins was brought to the silver screen by Walt Disney and played by Julie Andrews, we have waited 54 years to see what’s next in the world of the magical nanny and on December 19th we’ll find out in Mary Poppins Returns. The film picks up 25 years after the original film ended as Mary comes to “rescue” the Banks children once again. Lin Manuel Miranda takes over for Dick Van Dyke but have no fear, Van Dyke is back at 92 years old. 



Superheroes continue to dominate at the box office and sometimes too much but I have to say I’m looking forward to the underwater adventures of Aquaman as he and the other Atlantans tire of the land-dwelling polluters destroying the world. The film opens the weekend before Christmas on December 21st. 

Welcome To Marwen


I began seeing previews for Welcome To Marwen a few months ago and have to say this looks like a very cool film. The film follows the life of artist Mark Hogencamp, a man who was brutally attacked and after making a recovery physically he is unable to afford therapy to deal with the emotional scars he creates his own therapy in the form of a hobby. Hogencamp creates a fantasy village in his backyard where doll-like images of real people in his life live. The film is based on a true story and today the creations of Mark Hogencamp have been displayed in galleries, sold and made him a world famous artist. The film opens on December 21st.  

On The Basis Of Sex


Felicity Jones is starring in On The Basis Of Sex as a young Notorious RBG, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. The story follows the life of the Justice and the fights she waged to be considered equal to her male counterparts and eventually be named to the highest court in the United States of America. The film opens December 28th. 

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