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October 9, 2018

By Tab Byrum

I recently began seeing ads on Facebook for the Alphabet Legends books and was very intrigued. I went to the website for the books and am so happy I did, the story of the creation is simple and timeless and I love the art and message the books convey. Alphabet Legends was started by Australian author and illustrator Beck Feiner when she was trying to teach her oldest child, Levi, the alphabet and there wasn’t anything fun or unusual for a parent to use at home. In her words, “it’s hard to bond over B is for Banana.” This led to Beck creating an A to Z that she could use to teach her son and she centered it on things about Australia. Immediately Beck’s Instagram followers wanted a copy of the list and that led to books and posters and now today there are several books available on a wide range of people with amazing artwork that lets you teach your child, not only the alphabet but also about certain people associated with places and occupations known as the Alphabet Legends, there’s even a book for the Manchester United Soccer Team in the UK. Today we are going to look at five of the Alphabet Legend books, ranging from Alphabet Legend Americans to Legends in Fashion and Little Legends. These books will make awesome gifts for kids and grandkids, shower presents, baptism gifts, Christmas, you name it and these will be perfect. I love something that’s not only fun and artistic but is also educational…but not in a way that you feel like you’ve just attended a college lecture on a topic. Join me for a peek at Alphabet Legend Books and to see more of the selection visit the ALB website here. Enjoy!!! 

Lady Legends Alphabet focuses on women from all over the world who have done great things, from Amelia Earhart to Rosa Parks and Mother Teresa. Below we see the entry for Coco Chanel, one of the greatest women influencers in style and the world of fashion. 

Fashion Legends Alphabet looks at the women and men who have influenced how we wear what we wear and why. From Anna Wintour of Vogue to Tom Ford and Karl Lagerfeld. Below we see Iris Apfel an American Fashion influencer who is still making headlines well into her 90’s. 

The Little Legends Alphabet book looks at children who have had a strong impact in the world, both currently and in the past. Below we see the Little Legends entry for Anne Frank, a girl who made a major impact on the world both in her writings and politically while hiding from the Nazis over 70 years ago. 

Basketball is a sport that continues to grow in popularity worldwide and the Basketball Legends Alphabet book takes a look at players and coaches who have helped shape the world of round ball. Below we see the entry for Larry Bird, a man who became a legend and spent his entire career with one team, the Boston Celtics. 

The American Legends Alphabet book takes a look back at the people who have made and shaped our wonderful country, from Abe to Rosa to Elvis and Beyonce. Below we see the entry for Ellen DeGeneres, the woman who has made such a positive impact on the world while being true to herself. 

I hope you’ll check out the website and see all the other great books available from Alphabet Legends, they really are awesome. Have a great Monday and an terrific week. Enjoy!!!

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