Colors of Autumn In OKC 2018

October 29, 2018

By Tab Byrum

We’re having a gorgeous Fall season here in Oklahoma this year. We had lots of rain in the Spring and again in the late Summer and early Fall and that’s led to all of our trees being healthy and full of foliage to change colors. We don’t get as diverse colors as other parts of the country do but we do get lots of strong yellows, oranges, and reds in our trees. Oklahoma is also home to lots of Evergreens and Cedar trees (ugh, Cedar pollen) so all the green makes a great backdrop for the Fall colors as well as the big, blue Oklahoma sky. We were out running errands over the weekend and I grabbed the camera before we headed out and we took the scenic route home and took some photos I want to share today. Where ever you are I hope you are also having a beautiful Autumn and can take some time to enjoy it before we head into the frantic and crazy days of the end of the year holidays. Have a great Monday and Enjoy!!!

The Oak trees are already red and losing their leaves, we have some cold nights on the way so they won’t last long. 

Oklahoma City is made up of lots of small towns like we live in The Village and next to us is Nichols Hills. All of these communities have great little parks scattered throughout, this was a grandmother and her grandkids playing with a pretty Fall backdrop.

There are lots of Oak trees all over town also.

I love these big ornamental Holly bushes that can be trimmed and sculpted. This is in another little park and made the perfect backdrop for pumpkins. 

You’re driving along and there are big punches of color around every corner.

This is along some new walking paths. 

Love that strong, vibrant red against the sky. 


Above and below is the same tree, just a close-up. If you know what this is let me know. I’d love to plant one in our yard. (someone said maybe a Chinese Pistache?)

We headed over to one of the local lakes and took lots of pics of foliage there also. This photo doesn’t do this tree justice.

These guys are just starting to change and will be beautiful by the end of this week. 

Amazing Reds at Lake Hefner. 

I hope you enjoyed this look at Fall Foliage in OKC. Check back all week as we celebrate Halloween and head into November with our eyes on Thanksgiving and I’ve already scheduled Christmas decorating starting on Monday, November 5th. YIKES!!!! Have a great day and I’ll see you soon. Enjoy!!!

Words and Photos are my own.


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