Happy Halloween 2018

October 31, 2018

By Tab Byrum

It’s October 31st, Happy Halloween!!!! Today in celebration of everyone’s favorite October holiday we are taking a look back at some Vintage Halloween images for parties, costumes, and idea books. I have to do some research on Bogie Books but they were apparently a deal back in the first half of the 20th century, they were books filled with ideas on parties, costumes, entertaining and having fun for Fall and Halloween. Join me today for a little trip back in time and see how Halloween was celebrated close to 100 years ago and enjoy your Halloween this year and be safe. Enjoy and BOO!!!!!! (above via)

This is an awesome illustration of how to decorate your table for Halloween. (via)

This Spider and Web skirt are awesome. Wouldn’t you love to see this out and about today? (via)

Who wouldn’t want to attend this glamorous party from the early part of the last century? I love everything in Orange and Black with touches of White and Gray.  This illustration comes from a 1920’s Bogies Book of Halloween ideas. (via)

Old patterns for Masquerade and Costume party outfits are a great way to get a feel for how they used to celebrate. (via)

Here’s a Bogie Book from 1915 with suggestions for Halloween Parties, all for 5 cents. (via)

This is a photo from a Dennison’s Bogie Book which showed how to use their decorations to throw the perfect party. (via)

These costume ideas and illustrations are from a 1920’s Bogie’s Book. Back then many of the costumes were not made of fabric but were made of crepe paper. Fun, Fun!!! (via)

I love this ad for Woolworth’s. Costumes were $1.98 and little toy treats started at 10 cents. (via)

All the particulars of “Running” a party in 1946. (via)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick peek at the past and how they celebrated Halloween. Have a wonderful day and an even better tonight celebrating All Hallow’s Eve, Enjoy!!!

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