Outdoor Halloween From Grandin Road

October 3, 2018

By Tab Byrum

I have to admit I’m not really big on yarn decor for the holidays, it has to be wonderful and EXTRA special but I will also say that Halloween may be the perfect holiday to decorate the yard if you’re going to do it. There is lots of fun stuff out there to make your lawn spooky and appealing to trick or treaters and Grandin Road may have the best selection I’ve seen. Today we are going to look at some of the fun stuff from Grandin Road that really stood out to me this year, from spooky tombstones to flaming pumpkins, and one of my faves, silhouettes. Join me for a spooky journey through the Halloween Lawn Decor from Grandin Road, Enjoy!!!

I have some projects I’m working on personally and silhouettes are a big part of it. Love this giant Halloween Witch and Cat Silhouettes for the lawn. 

Liven up the trees on your lawn with this Tree Face and Arms Set

You’ll get a timeless Halloween look with the Halloween Haunted House and Spooky Tree Silhouette set. 

GIRL DOWN!!!! Bring some fun and fashion to your front porch this Halloween with the Harlequin Witch Leg Stakes, sure to get lots of smiles and laughs. 

We used to make our own Luminaries with paper bags, sand, and candles but now you can have these fun “Enter If You Dare” Luminaries and they’re electric. Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

There’s always that house where you have to beware of a certain pet, but with this “Beware of” Sign, we’re not sure what to be scared of.

As I said earlier, tombstones are a great way to decorate a lawn and you can turn your yard into a spooky cemetery with the Lady Tombstones. Each one features a female figure in some manner. 

You’ll create a stir and maybe a visit from the fire department with these Flame Lighted Pumpkins, each pumpkin is lit from the inside with a flickering light bulb. Group them together or scatter them across your lawn or front porch. 

I hope you’ve seen something here today that might make your outdoor area extra spooky this Halloween, check out Grandin Road to see all of their awesome Halloween decor. Enjoy!!!

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Images are courtesy of
Grandin Road.

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