Christmas Cookie Ideas

December 14, 2018

By Tab Byrum

Happy Friday!!!! I’m off to Hydro to see mom and dad today, Dad has been feeling under the weather so I’m going to see them, have lunch and help mom with some holiday baking. It’s been years since we’ve tried our hand at decorated Christmas cookies but we’re going to give it a whirl today. There are so many amazing ideas for decorated cookies, whether it’s using Royal Icing, Buttercream, Colored Sugars, the possibilities are endless. We are going to be using buttercream on cookies cut out in holiday shapes. I’ll share pics if they turn out good. I also have a couple of recipes I want to try for some others that I’ll share. I hope everyone has a great weekend, we had a business party last night and a client’s Christmas party tomorrow night and I plan on doing some cooking during the day on Saturday and Sunday. I leave you now with images and visions of gorgeous Christmas cookies and links to the recipes for more information, hopefully, to inspire you to try your hand at baking and decorating your own. Enjoy!!! (above via)

I love this idea of cookies all in the shape of one thing like these Candy Canes and decorate them all different ways using the same colors. (via)

Your cookies don’t have to be elaborate, these are mostly one or two colors and are very elegant looking. Adding lines and candy elements like the little pearls add a whole new dimension to the cookies. (via)

I love the simplicity of these cookies. Round cookies iced in white then decorated with trees made from one green line of icing an decorated with sprinkles. (via)

Mittens are also another one that’s fun to ice and decorate. Do each mitten mainly in one color then decorate in any way you fancy. (via)

I love these grinch cookies!!! (via)

I don’t have a lightbulb cookie cutter and I need to find one. I love the idea of doing all the different colors of cookies and Christmas Light Bulbs are one of my favorite things. (via)

These look a lot more intimidating than they would be to make. Cut out your cookies in different ornament shapes and ice them all in one color. Then, go back and decorate them however you wish in one or two complementary colors. Steady hand required. (via)

I wanted to share these because I love it when things are done in a non-traditional color, like these red snowflakes with white decorations. Usually, the snowflakes are ALWAYS white but these red ones are Tabulous. (via)

Here’s another simple one that’s impressive. Ice the round cookie in white and immediately come in and pipe green hearts around the edge, then drag a toothpick thru the hearts connecting them. You can add red dots of frosting for berries or you could also do little cinnamon candies. (via)

These next two are more examples of fun ideas of using non-traditional colors. Love these Chambray blue trees with White Garland and Red and Blue decorations. Simple and Elegant. (via)

I also love these Pink cookies for something non-traditional. The reindeer are a little ambitious but the snowflakes are beautiful and you could do mittens, trees, and packages. Perfect for a Christmas Tea Party or Mother-Daughter Party. (via)

I hope you’ve seen something here today that inspires you to get out that mixer and rattle those pots and pans and bake some cookies for the holidays. Even if it’s a batch of chocolate chip cookies they’ll be special. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you back here on Monday. Have an awesome weekend and Enjoy!!!!

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