Sour Cream Sugar Cookies

December 17, 2018

By Tab Byrum

Last week I told you I was going to Mom and Dad’s for the day to see them, have lunch and help mom with some baking and today I wanted to share the results. If we’re friends on Facebook here or here you’ve already seen them but I’ll share recipes and more photos in today’s post. We used to make lots of cut out cookies and decorate them, at one time we even did them for all the holidays and sold cookie bouquets and at one time we also did custom cakes for people for people so luckily we have a little experience with baking, icing, and decorating. We used a new recipe we found this year on the 12 tomatoes website for Sour Cream Sugar Cookies and they are so so good. They were a little sticky when we first started rolling out so we kneaded in a little more flour and let them get really cold in the refrigerator and floured our board really well when we attempted rolling and cutting the dough again and it worked great. For the icing, we used good old buttercream icing that we used to use on 90% of the cakes we did. It’s easy to work with, takes color well and you can pipe and decorated the cookies using any of the cake decorating tips we already had. I’ll go into a little more detail with the photos. If you’re up for baking this is a great recipe and I’m sharing a link to it at the end of the post. Share your photos if you bake and decorate cookies, have a great week as we count down to a big weekend coming up. Enjoy!!!

For a lot of the cookies, I used a basic star tip, On the Santa’s I used the star tip with white icing and swirled on his beard, mustache, and ball of his hat. I used a flat tip to do his hat and line tip to place a black dot where his eyes go. I then placed an edible candy pearl on he is eyes. 

I have a new fascination with Candy Canes as far as cookies are concerned and want to explore this and the many possible ways of decorating them next year. For these, I did a solid red stripe of icing then went back between the stripes and did white stars of frosting and you have instant frosted Candy Canes. 

For the Snowmen, I again used a star tip and filled in the snowman body with white stars and did the hat also in black stars. I piped on dots for eyes and buttons and piped on a small mouth. For his nose, I used an individual candy sprinkle instead of mixing up a bowl of orange buttercream just for snowman noses. I also went back and placed an edible pearl on each button. You can do these with Red or Green hats and maybe add a sugar holly like you would put on a cake. 


For the Teddy Bears I used a tip we used to use to make grass on cakes, it pipes out several little streams of frosting and also looks like fur. I did black eyes, nose, and mouths and placed an edible pearl on his eyes. Using red buttercream I piped a little bow tie with a pearl center. 

Snowflakes can be tricky and proved to be the most delicate, the arms break off very easily. I piped star down each arm and did a swirl of icing in the center and used the edible pearls again up and down the arms and in the center. 

We had a couple of different stocking cookie cutters we used. On both of them, I zig-zagged back and forth across the stock with red icing and did white stars across the top. On the smaller stockings I did patches on the heel and toe each one and you could easily personalize these across the top or add more decorations. The large stocking would be great in a cellophane treat back by itself with a ribbon and given as a gift or a favor. 

The Wreaths I filled them in with green stars, piped on a red icing bow and added pearls for decoration. You can cut out the center if you want before baking but then you lose some good cookie. 😉

For the trees, I did like I did on the stockings and piped green icing back and forth across the trees and added red sprinkles and edible pearls. 

Head baker, Mom, placing our creations on wax paper to dry a little. 

We are really happy with how these turned out and we have a new recipe to add to our collection, which I’m sharing below. Mom kept a few for her and dad and I brought the rest home and  I’ve given several away and will finish giving them out this week. 

Here’s the recipe for Sour Cream Sugar Cookie Dough we used from 12 Tomatoes. As I said earlier, when we went to roll the cookies out the dough was extra sticky and it was probably the weather so we kneaded a little extra flour into the dough and popped it back in the fridge to get cold and really floured the countertop well when we rolled it out the next time and they turned out great. The dough has a wonderful flavor and I think I might add a little Almond Extract next time, one of my favorite flavors.  The cookies themselves are are soft but strong enough to stand up to the extra weight of the icing, as the header says this cookie is cake-like. You can get the recipe here, I encourage you to give it a try. 

Sour Cream Sugar Cookies

I hope you enjoyed this look at our attempt at Iced Sugar Cookies, check back tomorrow when I share another cookie recipe we found on the web for a special Shortbread Cookie. Have a great day and Enjoy!!!!

Words and images are my own.

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