Gift Box Blue

February 19, 2019

By Tab Byrum

Yesterday we discussed and looked back on the life of Louis Comfort Tiffany, the man who helped make Tiffany a household name while keeping its status as a luxury brand. Almost as famous as the Tiffany name is the special shade of blue that is used for all the Tiffany packaging, from shopping bags to ring boxes, you know if you see this color it has to be something special. “Tiffany Blue” is very popular in the world today for decorating and it’s a great color that goes with most everything. The Blue/Green mixture of color looks beautiful with white, black, pink, yellow, red, beige, it’s really hard to find something it won’t go with. Last year my friend Shana and I were working on a project and we were looking for the perfect Tiffany Blue and I discovered “Little Blue Box” from Sherwin Williams and now we’ve used it on lots of stuff and are never disappointed. I’ll show you some examples in today’s post. Today we are going to take a quick look at “Tiffany Blue” and how it has made it’s way far from the world of packaging and into our hearts and homes. Enjoy!!! (above via)

A little blue box with a white ribbon usually means OMG!!! (via)


Isn’t this Tiffany Blue luggage from Tiffany’s gorgeous, no way I’d let that out of my sight. (via)

Every lady needs a Tiffany Blue tote, am I right? (via)

Aren’t these Tiffany Blue macarons gorgeous and I’m sure they taste amazing. I love to bake but haven’t tried Macarons. (via)


Sherwin Williams has a wonderful color called Little Blue Box, it’s a great color if you’re trying to accomplish something with the Tiffany Blue color. (via)

Here’s a bedroom painted in SW’s Little Blue Box. It looks wonderful with both the white furniture and trim as well as the stained mirror and bed. (via)

Here you can get an idea of how well “Little Blue Box” works with other colors. I love how the orange and purple look with it and a big piece like the bed painted a color is very fun. (via)

This room turned out beautiful with Tiffany Blue on the walls and Ivory and White everywhere else, but then you get a hit of color and fun with the Red, White, and Blue chair that doesn’t feel patriotic at all. (via)

I hope you’ve enjoyed a look at Tiffany Blue and Little Blue Box from Sherwin Williams and they both can be used in home decor and decorating. Color is a wonderful thing, embrace it and use it. Enjoy!!!

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