I’m Back, Hello February 2019!!!!

February 4, 2019

By Tab Byrum

Hello everyone and Hello February!!!! I hope all is good with all of you, sorry for the extended absence here in the ether but there was a lot going on and I decided to take a small hiatus. The holidays were good and very busy, we got everyone’s Christmas decor down and stored away for another year and then I had other stuff I needed to take care of, all of it good. There’s been a change in something I told you about last year but it’s a good change and I’ll go into more detail at a later date. Right now I’m working on getting things lined up for my clients for Valentine’s Day and I’m also working on some projects here at our casa. Michael and I are continuing to study Spanish on our own after taking Spanish classes 1, 2, 3 and 4 at a local Vo-Tech. We are studying using a couple of different apps and websites and making great strides. We don’t have any grand adventures planned this year but I’m sure that will change, not sure we’ll go to Europe this year but there are lots of places here America we have yet to see and visit so we may take short trips of 3 or 4 days and see some places and do some things we’ve been talking about for quite a while. 


So, let’s talk February, the second month in the year and the month that most everyone equates with Valentine’s Day, cold weather, and the colors red and pink. I do like February, I’m starting to come out of my post-holiday slump and looking towards the new year ahead of us and hoping to accomplish a lot in the coming months. This year I’m hoping to make some changes here at the blog with the articles I write and the topics I cover. I’m wanting to do more with holidays and celebrations, decorating for these times and events, food, flowers, and sharing with you the things my friend Shana and I are creating for our Etsy shop and website (more on that next week). February is filled with chocolate, champagne, glitter and so much more so let’s take a look at a few things February, I’ll see you back here tomorrow. Enjoy!!!


I LOVE candy, unfortunately the traditional Conversation Hearts known as Sweethearts from the Necco Candy Company aren’t available this year because the company is going out of business, BUT the good news is that you can find conversation hearts from companies like Brach’s and Necco Sweethearts will be back next year as they’ve been purchased by the American candy company, Spangler, maker of Dum Dums and Circus Peanuts. Necco Wafers will be reintroduced later this year and Sweethearts in 2020. YAY Spangler Candy Company!!!!


Of course it’s hard to have Valentine’s Day without chocolate candies, although I do know a few crazy people who aren’t fans. Whether you’re a fan of Sees Candy, Godiva Chocolates, Ghirardelli Chocolates or like me good old Hershey’s, there’s something out there for everyone. Pick your favorite and make sure your Valentine knows your preferences, or just buy a box for yourself.


I always think it’s fun for holidays and the days leading up to the holiday to dress with a little holiday panache. While Christmas Sweaters are now all the rage but for ugly reasons, there are some fun things you can find to celebrate other holidays like this fun Heart On My Sleeve Sweater available at Vivimuses.com. Check it out, embrace the heart and enjoy it!!!


I love Vintage anything having to do with holidays and Valentine’s Day is a holiday perfectly suited for all things vintage. There are so many fun and beautiful Vintage Valentines available, when we had a store several years ago I always stocked Vintage Valentines and they were the first thing to sell out. You can find lots to choose from Amazon as well as places like the Vermont Country Store. Check out these fun ones to whet your appetite.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick little look at February here at Tabulous and I can’t wait to get back to work and bring you lots of fun things for all your parties, holidays and every day. Have a great one and Enjoy!!!

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