‘The Gown’ A Book Review

April 16, 2019

By Tab Byrum


Every once in a while I like to share something I’ve experienced, whether it’s a film, a restaurant, a recipe, or a book and today I want to share a wonderful book I finished reading over this past weekend entitled ‘The Gown’. The Gown is a historical novel that follows real events but with some real and some fictional characters, in this case, it’s the wedding of then Princess Elizabeth in 1947 in post-WWII England. The novel opens with Ann who is arriving at her small cottage outside of London and we learn that Ann is an embroider in London for Norman Hartnell in his fashion house. Hartnell was known for the beautiful clothes he designed in the 1930s, 40’s, and 50’s for the ladies in the British Royal Family, especially the King’s consort and current Queen’s mother, Queen Elizabeth. During the story we also meet Miriam, a young Frenchwoman who has made her way to London following the war, she is also a classically trained embroider who goes to work for Hartnell, but she also has a secret. The book does a little time traveling as we meet Heather in 2016 who is Ann’s granddaughter living in modern day Toronto. Without going into a lot of detail and giving anything away we witness the creation of Princess Elizabeth’s wedding dress for her November 1947 wedding to Prince Philip, we watch as the young ladies meet the young men who may or may not be the men of their dreams and come to terms with who they are as well as coming to terms with family secrets and events that shape their lives. The book is a peek behind the curtain at what it’s like to work in a couture fashion house and the research and detail work that goes into creating something like a royal wedding gown. I strongly recommend this book if you enjoy historical fact and fiction novels as well as romance and/or fashion. The Royals make a few appearances in the book but it mostly focuses on these three women as they each struggle in their own lives to live their dreams and become who they were meant to be. I look forward to reading the other books by author Jennifer Robson, I hope you’ll read it and Enjoy!!!

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